April 19, 2015



Today there is cycle sharing systems in over 200 cities around the globe. 19th April is world cycle day And as a part of celebration for world cycle day "Rajkot Municipal Corporation" jointly with Radio Mirchi & Rotary Mid town Library going to launch Cycle Sharing Project for the citizens of Rajkot. And As a part of Cycle Sharing Project Rajkot Municipal Corporation selected 4 core locations for Phase I in the city as a Central Bus Stop (RMC Central office), Trikon Baug, Kishan Para Choke and Indira circle. The goal for the same is to reach the city’s public transport system by solving the “last mile” problem, Enhance the image of cycling to facilitate modal shift, reduce congestion and improve air quality by attracting private vehicle users, improve the health level of citizens of Rajkot

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